Hey!  I’m Roxanne and I am so glad you stopped by!

A little about myself… I’m a West Texas girl who said to my mom one day in desperation (and in tears) “I’m never going to find a man.  I’m so ready to settle down!”  That very night, a man showed up on my doorstep and two years later, we would end up married.  That guy and I have been through some pretty rough terrain together, but we have been blessed through our heartbreaks.  Together, we have four amazingly different and beautifully weird daughters who teach us more about life and about ourselves every day.

I am also a writer.  It is the one thing that I have enjoyed since I was young and I finally have the peace and confidence to move forward with my dreams of writing books for people LIKE YOU.  I write from my heart – I really don’t know any other way.  I believe in the power of words and I love to connect with people.  God is showing me how to put the two together every day and it is so exciting to watch Him work!


  • you like to know you’re not alone in your current struggle.
  • you need some good heart-therapy for your marriage (which we all do from time to time).
  • you are trying to figure out your direction in life.
  • you just want to relate to other women who are trying to live life to its fullest and not get lost in the shuffle of the everyday mundane.

One thing I have learned through my writing is that we are NEVER alone in what we are going through!  Let us help each other – Let’s encourage and lift each other up!  Whether you’re looking for stuff to read on marriage, motherhood, faith, or just living life – there is something in here for you.

Enjoy.  Cry.  Laugh.  Nod your head like I do when I read something that I relate to.  Share.  Comment.  Send me a message.

I really can’t wait to hear from you,


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