I’m tired of not speaking up and speaking out because I’m afraid of retaliation.  It will come no matter what I say, so it’s time I stand up and start saying what I’m really feeling.

You love Prince, huh?  Guess what?  It’s OKAY to mourn him!  Don’t let people tell you that it’s disrespectful to others because you say publicly how his music made you feel.  Mourning one person does not mean that you don’t care for others as much.  It doesn’t mean that we do not respect the ones who have laid down their lives for our freedoms.  I am in awe of our military – and any other person who directly or indirectly lays down their own lives for their brothers, sisters, and country.

This…this is different.

It’s okay to mourn those we don’t know personally but who made an impact on our life in some way.  People resonate with music – it transcends time.  Music has the power to take us back to a different time.  When I listen to Prince now, I’m taken back to a time when worries were few.  I lived in the moment.  I danced – I sang at the top of my lungs – not well – but it didn’t matter.

Why are we taking offense to something that has nothing to do with the other?  I love my country, but this is one of the things that is getting us in trouble.  We take offense to everything.

Can we stop this now?  Or will you use this to fuel your unwarranted fire…

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