A friend of mine said to me the other day, “I’m ready for your book to come out so I can read something I’m interested in and not something I HAVE to read.”  She, like me, is going back to school and reading for enjoyment has been tossed aside in order to do the many homework assignments due on a weekly basis – along with working and keeping up with our families.

My response to my sweet friend who believes in my abilities as a writer was “Stay on me to get it done because the devil tries to convince me I have nothing to offer.”

I love to write.  And, while my writing isn’t for everyone, I know it strikes a cord with some – I know, because I receive comments and messages from those who read my blog posts – It means something to them.  Every time I read one of those comments I am reminded that God gave me a gift that I need to use for the betterment of others – in SOME way.

So why do I let the enemy have a foothold?  Because sometimes I DO wonder why people listen to me…it’s one reason I went back to school – to gain confidence – by gaining knowledge.

We have all done it at some time – believed the enemy – or enemies – who tell us that we don’t have it in us to do what we love.  We believe the voices that tell us we aren’t worthy.  There is a reason that the devil uses people in your life to discredit you – especially when you are going to give God the glory for your success.


We need to start BELIEVING.  If God has led you to something, He will equip you – but, we have to also put in the work.  If there are people in your life who are “downers,” you know, people who “poo-poo” on your dreams, pray that their comments do not hinder your progress.  Surround yourself with people who will push you to greatness.  Surround yourself with the positive!

Who will you listen to today?


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