If you have more than one child, you know how very different they can all be.  Having four daughters, I know that I have to approach each one in a different way sometimes – they are all so very different – especially when it comes to communication.

Our oldest daughter texts – mostly with emojis.  Our youngest daughter is fairly easy to talk with – unless it is morning and then she’s mute.

Then, there are the twins… those two are night and day.  I have to remind myself often that when I was pregnant with them, we prayed that they wouldn’t be exactly the same – that they would have their own little personalities and identities.  Boy, was that prayer answered – and I believe that God was laughing when He said “You got it!”  They look nothing alike – one is a daddy’s girl and loves to be outdoors – the other is a momma’s girl and loves to sit inside and read.  One will give you very little information when she is asked a question – the other gives you every little detail and loves to talk.

The daddy’s girl – that’s the one I have a hard time communicating with.  So, I came up with an idea that seems to be working.  As a writer, I know that I can get my point across better when I write it down.  Not only that, but the written word is something that can be seen over time.  My sister gave me some cute little journals as a graduation gift and I told Kenna that one of the journals was for me and her – that we could write to each other in this journal when we have something we want to say.  She loved the idea and immediately started writing in it…


As of right now, nothing earth-shattering or deep has been written in this little book of ours, but it’s a start and it is something that she can keep forever.  Of course, two of the other girls wanted their own little journal to write back and forth to me, as well.


The written word – it stays with us and we can revisit it often.  They will always have a way to look back at the things I’ve said to them – and it will be in our handwriting.  If you’re having trouble communicating with someone, give this a try!



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