It was a little more than 11 years ago that we found out we were having twins.  When the doctor first said to us “I hear this might be twins – don’t get too excited yet,” Zak and I looked at each other with the kind of wide-eyed excitement a kid who had just entered the “World of Candy and Toys” store would have.  Yeah, we did not listen very well.

We spent the next few months praying we would make it through each phase of the pregnancy.  We prayed constantly for healthy children.

Then we found out we were having two girls…we, of course, started praying for all kinds of other things, but one was this…

God, please let them be individuals.  We don’t want them to be exactly the same.  Please give them each their own little personalities.

We knew when they entered our world – a little premature, but overall healthy – that they LOOKED very different.  One was blonde, the other brunette – one was a little chunkier than the other.  As they grew, they continued to do things on their own – Kimber was walking at 9 months and Kenna took her sweet time and didn’t walk until almost SEVEN months after her sister!  Kimber was always smiling and Kenna seemed annoyed by all that joy… we were a little amused.

We have watched them both grow into beautiful young girls, but still very, very different.  Most people wouldn’t even know they were sisters, much less twins.  One looks just like me, but acts just like her dad – the other, you guessed it – looks more like her dad, but acts like me.  One is a hunter – the other a ballerina.  One loves being a twin and we think the other would love to be an only child!  One loves to be affectionate and the other will barely hug us.

It is bizarre.

And I laugh about it a lot.  I remember praying that specific prayer and I think it is hilarious what God did with them!  Never in my wildest dreams did I believe that I would have twin girls who were so completely opposite.  For a long time, we wondered if they would even be friends with each other!  We are reminded that He has a sense of humor – I have a vision of God hearing our prayers, chuckling, and saying “Just wait.”

What God does with our prayers is so beyond what we could ever imagine.  What Zak and I wanted was simple – two daughters who were different enough that we could tell them apart.  What He ended up giving us is an every day reminder that He listens, that He cares, and that He can go above and beyond what we could even fathom asking for.  And isn’t that what we need so often? – A daily reminder of His goodness?

While we don’t always get exactly what we pray for, we get what we need, from the One who knows what that is better than anyone.

“But truly God has listened; he has attended to the voice of my prayer.” ~ Psalm 66:19


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