You know you’ve seen it before. You’re out at a restaurant or store and there is a family that you just shake your head at. You think to yourself “Good grief – get it together!” Well, we were THAT family the other day…

I’m not sure what I was thinking when I was booking our flights for our trip to and from Disney World. Well, actually, I DO know what I was thinking…get us there as early as possible and home as early as possible. What I didn’t think about was the fact that the bus to take us to the airport to come back home would be at our hotel at 3am. Yes, 3am…and that was after a fun-filled, but totally exhausting three and half day adventure to all four Disney World Parks.

I wasn’t anticipating my family of six to GO, GO, GO the last day at the parks… I figured we would spend a half day at Hollywood Studios and then head back to our resort and maybe swim and rest. However, they totally surprised me and didn’t stop moving until the park closed at 10pm. I thought to myself, “I still have to pack everything up – I don’t believe I will be getting any sleep tonight, I’ll just sleep on the plane.” Yeah, right.

I’ll skip the part about waking them up from the dead of sleep and get to the Orlando airport. We looked every bit the stereotypical Disney World family… One child with Pluto on her head and in her arms – one with Minnie Mouse ears and Minnie in her arms – one with a Princess hat on that wasn’t going to go unnoticed – one walking like a zombie – and two parents who were just trying to stay sane…counting children and bags repeatedly and trying to keep in mind that wonderful memories had been made in the midst of the craziness.


People saw us coming and counted the girls as we walked by. They would say things like “Oh gosh! Looks like SOMEBODY has been to Disney World!” You think? I even got a “Congratulations!” from one couple sitting in front of us in the airport. Perplexed, I said “on what?” They looked at me kind of strange and said “On all the beautiful girls!” Oh… oops – “Thank you! Yes, we’re blessed.”


The flight to Houston was fairly uneventful – Everyone slept – except me. I was almost there at one point when my husband jerked out of his slumber to tell me that I wasn’t allowed to put my seat back yet. He wasn’t even aware that we were in the air and had been for a while. He apologized and went back to sleep pretty quickly. Thanks dude.

It was when we got on the plane to Amarillo that things got really interesting. First of all, we sat on the plane without moving for a while… the pilot came on to let us know that there was a “maintenance issue” and they were waiting for a part. I always love hearing that. When we finally got up in the air, our three-year-old spilled chocolate milk all over herself. Thankfully, we had put her on the plane in her pjs and I had a clean pair of clothes easily accessible. I said “Let’s get these other clothes on you” – so, she jumped out in the aisle and started stripping down. I said “NO – NOT HERE! Let’s go to the bathroom!”

Kimber had to go to the bathroom a couple times on the plane – I would see people waiting for the bathroom and then would hear screaming coming from that direction. She locked herself in there – twice. On take-off, she would yell “BLAST OFF!” Have I mentioned I hate flying?

Kenna… ah, Kenna. She was sitting behind her daddy and kept kicking his the back of his seat. He would turn around and tell her to stop and she would start crying and would say “I’m not!” The last time she did it, I believe he grabbed her foot and told her he was going to take her leg off the next time she did it. She would poke me on the arm and when I would look at her she would smile and say “It wasn’t me!” I believe it was around the 20th time she did that I lost my mind. After that, she went to the classic “Look! – There’s (fill in the blank) – Made ya look!” I was praying for patience to get me through the flight.

I believe Marha was sleeping the entire time – even when we were walking in the airports. We heard very little from her.

There were little bits of coolness, however. For example, they would look out the window and say, “It looks like a map down there!” They also got to see a couple planes fly by us pretty close while we were in the air.

I saw the looks on the faces of the brand new parents who were sitting in back of the plane (with their infant) by the bathroom. Poor people – they had to see us way too often. I also saw the “we know how it goes” smiles coming from parents who had been there – it made me feel a little better.

Yup – we were THAT family…and while I was apologizing for it, I was also thanking the good Lord for it!

Just remind me to never schedule a 6am flight with my family again.


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