I hear them – loud and clear. The voices that tell me I can’t. The voices that tell me that I’m in over my head. The voices that try to bring me down and keep me down. The voices that tell me to quit. I can only silence them for a little while… then they return. I figured out a way to make them work for me.

First of all, where do you think those voices come from? Think back to when you were a kid and you saw those cartoons where a little angel sat on one shoulder and a little devil on the other. The little devil would tell the main character to do something they knew they shouldn’t; while the angel would say “you know what is right – don’t listen to him.” Sometimes, I feel like that’s what is happening, except it’s not as cartoonish. It’s actually a very real struggle that goes on within each of us. We “instinctively” KNOW which voice to listen to, even though sometimes we don’t.

Here is an example of what I’m talking about. The other day, I needed to run – didn’t WANT to – but knew I needed to. I half-heartedly got on the treadmill and started my little 5-minute warm-up walk. I spent that five minutes talking myself into running – trying to tell myself that it was going to be worth it when I was done – that I was going to feel accomplished and that I would be ridding myself of some of those calories I took in the day before. I knew I needed to run 4 miles, but I would settle for 3. It was just 3 miles – just 3 miles – 3 miles. The first half mile was yucky…I could hear that voice saying, “You just can’t do it today – you don’t have it in you. Might as well just walk it.” I knew that wasn’t right, though – I’ve heard that voice many times and it’s not the voice I listen to. But, maybe I should….

Go ahead! TELL ME I CAN’T. Tell me I can’t, then WATCH ME PROVE YOU WRONG. I KNOW I CAN – and I WILL! So, go ahead and try to use negativity to keep me down – I’ll use it to fuel the fire within me! At two miles, that fire started growing and an overwhelming, thundering voice was pushing me to go further… at three miles I said to myself, “Today, I will run five.” And, I did. I was elated and had a great sense of accomplishment. However, I know that I will hear that voice again. I won the battle, but the war is always raging.

We can do the same thing with the voices that come from others. Those who tell us what we have accomplished isn’t “good enough” or that we aren’t equipped to handle the task at hand – those who talk about us to others and say, “She should be focused on other things.” or “He doesn’t know what he’s doing.” You can’t do much about silencing those voices – what you CAN do is let them add fuel to the passion that has ignited within you! Just as God takes something that was meant to bring us down or tear us apart and makes something beautiful out of it; we can do the same!


As I was writing this blog, I received the alert on my phone telling me about the bombings in Boston. I watched the coverage and my statements above rang true… Good still outweighs evil. The actions of whoever did this ended up showing us more about the GOODNESS of people than the horribleness of a few. I know that we, as a people, will be FUELED to do something good with this tragedy. It will not stop us – it will not hold us down! May God Bless all who are affected by this! Keep praying for our nation!!!


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