Our 3 year old daughter says “I love you” very often. She says it so much that I had to ask her one day if she knew what it meant. Not that I want her to stop saying it! I was just curious. Her answer was something a little off-the-wall and I must have looked at her strange because she asked me what it meant when I said I love her…

My answer went something like this… “My love for you is different than your love for me. I love you no matter what – because you’re my baby. It doesn’t matter what you do or how far away you go from me – I will ALWAYS love you and you can always return to me and I will love you the same.”

As I was saying this words, a smile came across my face, because I realized I was explaining God’s love for us! If you’re a parent, you know what that feeling is like. Isn’t that an amazing love? Isn’t it amazing that He loves US like that?

Just like our parents with us – and us with our children – We will have our times of disappointment and frustration with them. But, did our parents STOP loving us during those times? Do we NOT love our children when they don’t listen or do what they should? NO!

Who is encouraged by this? I AM! I hope there are some people who need to read this who get the chance to see it!


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