Do you know your true purpose in life; that gift that was given to you by God to share with others? I am one of those people who believes that each of us has something to offer others. One of my college roommates was an AMAZING singer! After a lot of coaxing, and several cocktails, she got up on stage one night and sang “Piece of My Heart” by Janice Joplin and she totally rocked! It was one of those moments I remember so well – she was SO AWESOME! She had that really cool, powerful, raspy thing going for her. I urged her to sing more, to pursue it and do something with it, but she never did while I knew her. She even told me at one point, “I know I should use my talent more. My grandmother told me that if we don’t use our God-given gifts, they will be taken away from us.”

I have always remembered what she said, and while I don’t know if that’s totally true, I do believe that we need to put our gifts and talents to GOOD use. Otherwise, what good are they to anyone? Even if they are only helpful or bring happiness to those immediately around you or even just to yourself, isn’t that enough?

I have immersed myself in the Word recently; have prayed more than I ever have; am at peace even when times aren’t wonderful; have gained understanding in certain situations; have given more of my time and myself to my family; and have been PUSHED by the Lord to pursue something I have been wanting to do for a very long time. It is the reason I started this new blog and have begun a journey that keeps me utterly exhilarated and excited on a daily basis. I have been hopeful and optimistic about my future for most of my adult life, often reflecting on my favorite scripture (seen below); however I really haven’t been sure that what I truly LOVE to do was what I was supposed to do for a “living”.



I believe I was in the fifth grade when I realized I loved to write. I had written a descriptive essay as part of our standardized tests and got the highest score you could receive. I was so proud of that score – obviously, because I still remember it! It wasn’t just the score I received, but it was the fun I had writing it that excited me the most. For years I have thought to myself that I want to write a book someday, but I never told anyone else until a couple years ago. My husband has given me the most confidence to move forward with it. He reads every blog I write and actually ASKS me if I have posted any if I haven’t told him myself. This man does NOT read, but he is so interested in my posts that he reads them with the excitement of a child. He’s my biggest fan and he gives me the courage to do things I never knew I could.

However, it wasn’t just him. People have been placed in my life who have given me confirmations from God that this truly is where my focus should be. It’s such an overwhelming feeling of joy when you know He is speaking to you through others. I have to follow it!

So, if you haven’t noticed already, I’ve been practicing my craft more and more. I continue to pray for guidance and I am taking it one day at a time. I thank you all for taking interest in my posts – y’all keep me going! 😉

By the way, I heard a quote from Ann Landers last week at the time of her death… Someone asked her about her “work” as a columnist and she responded by saying “It’s only work if you’d rather be doing something else.” Something to chew on today.

~Love, Rox

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