It’s finally coming back to me… that feeling I’ve been searching for. That feeling of accomplishment – the feeling that I did something right AND that there is a reward on the other side of it. I remember that feeling from over three years ago – yes, it’s all coming back to me!

My husband, bless his heart, has received some of my classic “if-looks-could-kill” glances a few times this week. I usually try to keep those to when he’s walking away from me after an argument and there’s no chance he will catch them. It’s been different the last few days, but I’m not actually sure if they are looks of frustration and anger or looks of FEAR.

I am currently coming to the end of my first week of a three-week detox and cleanse… no, this is not some crazy, juice and cayenne pepper/no food, cleanse… no, this is an all-natural, eat-a-lot-of-really-good-food-and-drink-a-lot-of-water cleanse that could possibly change the way I look at food forever. I’ll take you through a typical day from this first week…

Drink a gallon of distilled water a day with the supplements that come with the kit. Eat really good food – and a LOT of it – breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a snack if needed. I also have to drink a little shot of a thing called “alkalinize”, which is basically a wheat grass mixture. Yes, it’s green and it doesn’t look appealing, but it’s only about 4 oz. and it doesn’t bother me too much. And, there’s no working out…. Sounds simple, right?!?

For the most part, it has been simple! The hard part is always keeping in mind why in the world you’re doing this in the first place. The hard part is staying committed when your husband wants cream-cheese peppers wrapped in bacon and asks you to help him make them. Or, when you’re making your veggies and brown rice and you see the hubby grab a bag of tortilla chips and hot sauce for a snack. (Now you see where the looks were coming in.) Yes – that’s the hard part. It’s not that I was mad at him for eating those things or wanting those things – I wanted them, too! And, it’s what we’re used to, so I don’t blame HIM. I blame myself.

I blame myself for letting myself get so out of control with my eating that I am now in this predicament. I sat and stared at those peppers and stared at those peppers and stared… I wanted one so badly that I almost cheated – “JUST ONE” was what I was saying to myself. My sweet husband was saying the same thing to me – “Can’t you eat just one, babe?” “No. I can’t.” He just kind of smiled and shook his head and said “Well, I’m proud of you.”

“Don’t exchange what you want most for what you want at the moment!”

It’s not that I feel deprived of food – not at all! The food we have on this Reset is delicious and there’s actually quite a bit of it! I just have to re-program my brain. I have allowed myself to have whatever I want for months now – Ice cream? Sure! Bacon cheeseburger? Why not?!? Whatever, whenever – I have been doing it. I went from making good choices most of the time and indulging occasionally, to indulging most of the time and having a healthy meal occasionally. And now I’m back to that familiar, sit-in-my-closet-and-cry-because-nothing-fits, place. Something had to be done and it had everything to do with FOOD.


The scale rewarded me this morning for not eating that pepper yesterday (and for saying “no” to the chips, crackers and alcoholic beverage). I am down in pounds and in inches already (will share specifics with y’all later), but most importantly, my body FEELS AMAZING and LIGHTER and my MIND feels STRONG again! I feel accomplished. Yes, I remember that feeling so well.



PS – Stay tuned! I will be sharing before and after pics and stats and will be sharing more info. If you have questions about it, please don’t hesitate to ask! 🙂 Or you can visit my site for more info…Click on Ultimate Reset. 🙂

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