The picture above is one that I actually took myself, believe it or not. It was taken on a beautiful July evening on the west coast of Oahu, Hawaii.

But, like any other photo, there is a story behind this one.

If you don’t know already, Zak and I were married in July of 2005 in Hawaii. Neither of us had ever been there, but decided that it was the place to go when we opted for the typically stress-free, destination wedding. Oh sure, there are stress-FUL destination weddings, but we were going to have very few, if any, guests, and were paying for everything ourselves (we thought). Furthermore, being the laid-back couple we are, we kept it pretty simple with a beach wedding which was planned by a minister there on the island. She took care of everything by visiting with us via email and a couple of phone calls. The only thing I really cared about was fitting into a pretty (but not frilly) dress and marrying the man who was going to help make my dreams come true.

I could tell some pretty funny stories about our trip and the wedding itself, but those can wait for another post – let’s get back to the sunset picture.

It was the day after we got married and we did the traditional luau thing. We hung out on the beach, took some pictures, and bought a really cool tiki man that was made by a guy named Tama. (We actually got to watch Tama work on it, which was awesome, and we picked it up when he was done.) We still have that tiki man and it adorns the niche in our little red foyer.

At some point before we ate dinner, they had a little show where they brought out the pig and did some other stuff. I say “other stuff’, because I didn’t actually get to see what all they did at this little show. And, it was all my new husband’s fault.

You see, I wanted to watch the “really cool” show that was about to start, but Zak wanted to sit on the beach and watch the sunset. (I wish you could hear my tone of voice when I say that in my head – if you’re wondering at all, it was filled with sarcasm.) I did NOT want to watch the sunset! I mean, how many sunsets can you see in your life, right? So, he went to the beach and I went and sat down on the bleacher-type things to watch the show…

I sat there for approximately two or three minutes by myself when I realized that the show sucked. Actually, it was probably pretty neat, except I wasn’t paying any attention to it because I wanted to be with my husband. So, I picked my butt up off the stone bleachers and went and sat with my husband on the beach. Was I happy about it? No, not really. But, I wasn’t going to spend my honeymoon away from him, either. There was only one other couple sitting near us on that stretch of lava-rocked beach and there was a fisherman about 150 yards away. It was… peaceful.

What happened after that was absolutely breathtaking. A sunset like I had never seen before and would love to have the opportunity to see again. The sky started to turn a fantastic turquoise color and the clouds were tinted with purple and blue and there were small streaks of pink and flicks of gold. The sun’s reflection on the ocean water was so beautiful. We sat there together, leaning against each other and taking a few pictures to remind us of what we witnessed.

That photo is custom-framed and hanging in our house where I can see it on a daily basis. It’s a reminder of God’s beauty and of how much I am NOT in control of my life. You see, I only thought I knew what was best for me that day. Thankfully, my stubbornness didn’t rob me of what I got to share with Zak that night. I couldn’t care less about that show now. What I watched was far more amazing. 🙂

So, when I post something like I did today – which was about having a good attitude about your day, no matter what comes your way – it’s because there just might be something better for you somewhere else. We are not, as much as we want to be or think we need to be, in control.

Let go and let God.




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