A girl looked in the mirror and saw something – a flaw so small that it mattered only to her.

A wife watches her husband talk to another woman.  She wonders how he could have so much to discuss with another when silence plagues them as they sit across from each other during date night.

A husband comes home early from work to enjoy his family, but realizes that nothing in the chaos of home is “enjoyable.”


These things that seem so small can become something so different when we hand them over to a specific mindset.  That girl looking in the mirror can let the devil twist that flaw into something that changes her outlook on her entire sense of self-worth.  That wife who wants so badly to reconnect with her husband can let the enemy take her mind to places it was never meant to go.  And that husband, who thought he was doing the right thing by taking some extra time to spend with his family, can become resentful and wonder if things would be better had he just stayed at work.

Look at what satan does with something so tiny.  He can twist something that really means nothing – into something that becomes so big we have no idea how we even got to that place.

If the enemy can do that, let’s pause for a minute and think about what God can do with that same thing…

Small things in the hands and minds of people who put their trust in God can also become impossibly colossal, but in a completely different way – in a wonderfully BIG way!  Look at what He can do with our “faith as small as a mustard seed!”  Look at how David defeated a giant – with a slingshot and a rock.  Look at how He uses people who think they’re small and have nothing to offer to change the course of history!

For those of you from small towns – I live in a community that has produced incredible athletes, published authors, speakers, singers, etc. – all from a town in “the middle of nowhere” with a population of less than 10,000 people.  And God is using those people in incredible ways!

How many stories do you have to hear from others before you realize that YOU are one of those small people that God can use in a BIG way?

Or will you let the enemy tell you that you’re not big enough for what God has in store for you?  When will you stop listening to other people’s stories and experience the blessings that are waiting for you?

When handed over to God…

…that girl who thinks her freckle or mole makes her ugly finally sees that flaw as unique and beautiful.

…that wife takes part in her husband’s passion or hobby so that they have a fun and exciting way to reconnect.

…that husband asks his wife how he can help with the children because he realizes that she is overwhelmed and needs his support and guidance.

What are you struggling with today that has been twisted into something too big for you?  What circumstance in your life can be handed over to God so that He can do something with it that you didn’t even know was possible?  When will you start letting the right One influence you and your loved ones?

“God will always do great things with people who are willing to be faithful in the small things.” ~Lysa TerKeurst





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