Writer’s block has taken hold of me!

Well, actually, that is not entirely true. I have a lot to write about, but I have been… SILENCED.


What happens when we have a lot to say – or a lot to type – but we cannot share it with the masses? Talking it out, writing it out, even screaming it from the rooftops – it is therapeutic. So many times I have taken my thoughts about life, love, marriage, and health, and typed it out on my laptop to share with others. What happens, though, when the thoughts are just too personal to share with all the people we know – or barely know?

I’ll tell you how the writer in me feels – silenced. It is maddening. The writer doesn’t need to just write – the writer needs to share. But sometimes I feel as though someone has placed duct tape over my mouth and my feelers are not allowed to fully feel.

It is also how I feel as a WOMAN. Women are known to react to our feelings – and sometimes we are called crazy, overly-emotional, or even PSYCHOTIC. The kicker? We react with the truth of how we feel (for the most part – there are some that take it to extremes – you know the ones) – and we are judged by it.

We have been told for so long that we need to “hide our crazy” that we have started suffering in silence. Sure, I try to be as hopeful, optimistic, and positive as I can. But that is not the reality of my life EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.


You know how many times I have blogged and not shared? More than a few. How many of you who are reading this post have wanted share your story, but because of how you may be perceived have decided instead to just keep your mouth shut? Friends are great for listening – but, sometimes you need to talk it out with someone who has been through the same thing and understands! Someone who can RELATE.

That is why we share with the masses! Sometimes, in your tight circle of friends, no one can understand exactly what you are feeling. But SOMEONE OUT THERE HAS been through it – knows what you’re inside crazy person is going through – and can offer a listening ear or eye and say “YES! I KNOW! AMEN!”


I know people who are going through extremely difficult times RIGHT NOW. I know people who have gotten through those times but still need to TALK IT OUT with someone every once in a while! If you are that someone, I urge you to get it out – share – there is someone out there who needs to hear what you have to say – or someone out there who will listen and understand. You don’t have to air out the dirty laundry for everyone to read, but you know who you can talk to. And there are BOOKS and BLOGS for that kind of stuff. 😉

Remove the tape and feel normal and human again.

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