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What we ask for VS what we get

It was a little more than 11 years ago that we found out we were having twins.  When the doctor first said to us “I hear this might be twins – don’t get too excited yet,” Zak and I looked at each other with the kind of wide-eyed excitement a kid who had just entered the “World of Candy and Toys” store would have.  Yeah, we did not listen very well.

We spent the next few months praying we would make it through each phase of the pregnancy.  We prayed constantly for healthy children.

Then we found out we were having two girls…we, of course, started praying for all kinds of other things, but one was this…

God, please let them be individuals.  We don’t want them to be exactly the same.  Please give them each their own little personalities.

We knew when they entered our world – a little premature, but overall healthy – that they LOOKED very different.  One was blonde, the other brunette – one was a little chunkier than the other.  As they grew, they continued to do things on their own – Kimber was walking at 9 months and Kenna took her sweet time and didn’t walk until almost SEVEN months after her sister!  Kimber was always smiling and Kenna seemed annoyed by all that joy… we were a little amused.

We have watched them both grow into beautiful young girls, but still very, very different.  Most people wouldn’t even know they were sisters, much less twins.  One looks just like me, but acts just like her dad – the other, you guessed it – looks more like her dad, but acts like me.  One is a hunter – the other a ballerina.  One loves being a twin and we think the other would love to be an only child!  One loves to be affectionate and the other will barely hug us.

It is bizarre.

And I laugh about it a lot.  I remember praying that specific prayer and I think it is hilarious what God did with them!  Never in my wildest dreams did I believe that I would have twin girls who were so completely opposite.  For a long time, we wondered if they would even be friends with each other!  We are reminded that He has a sense of humor – I have a vision of God hearing our prayers, chuckling, and saying “Just wait.”

What God does with our prayers is so beyond what we could ever imagine.  What Zak and I wanted was simple – two daughters who were different enough that we could tell them apart.  What He ended up giving us is an every day reminder that He listens, that He cares, and that He can go above and beyond what we could even fathom asking for.  And isn’t that what we need so often? – A daily reminder of His goodness?

While we don’t always get exactly what we pray for, we get what we need, from the One who knows what that is better than anyone.

“But truly God has listened; he has attended to the voice of my prayer.” ~ Psalm 66:19


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Something So Small

A girl looked in the mirror and saw something – a flaw so small that it mattered only to her.

A wife watches her husband talk to another woman.  She wonders how he could have so much to discuss with another when silence plagues them as they sit across from each other during date night.

A husband comes home early from work to enjoy his family, but realizes that nothing in the chaos of home is “enjoyable.”


These things that seem so small can become something so different when we hand them over to a specific mindset.  That girl looking in the mirror can let the devil twist that flaw into something that changes her outlook on her entire sense of self-worth.  That wife who wants so badly to reconnect with her husband can let the enemy take her mind to places it was never meant to go.  And that husband, who thought he was doing the right thing by taking some extra time to spend with his family, can become resentful and wonder if things would be better had he just stayed at work.

Look at what satan does with something so tiny.  He can twist something that really means nothing – into something that becomes so big we have no idea how we even got to that place.

If the enemy can do that, let’s pause for a minute and think about what God can do with that same thing…

Small things in the hands and minds of people who put their trust in God can also become impossibly colossal, but in a completely different way – in a wonderfully BIG way!  Look at what He can do with our “faith as small as a mustard seed!”  Look at how David defeated a giant – with a slingshot and a rock.  Look at how He uses people who think they’re small and have nothing to offer to change the course of history!

For those of you from small towns – I live in a community that has produced incredible athletes, published authors, speakers, singers, etc. – all from a town in “the middle of nowhere” with a population of less than 10,000 people.  And God is using those people in incredible ways!

How many stories do you have to hear from others before you realize that YOU are one of those small people that God can use in a BIG way?

Or will you let the enemy tell you that you’re not big enough for what God has in store for you?  When will you stop listening to other people’s stories and experience the blessings that are waiting for you?

When handed over to God…

…that girl who thinks her freckle or mole makes her ugly finally sees that flaw as unique and beautiful.

…that wife takes part in her husband’s passion or hobby so that they have a fun and exciting way to reconnect.

…that husband asks his wife how he can help with the children because he realizes that she is overwhelmed and needs his support and guidance.

What are you struggling with today that has been twisted into something too big for you?  What circumstance in your life can be handed over to God so that He can do something with it that you didn’t even know was possible?  When will you start letting the right One influence you and your loved ones?

“God will always do great things with people who are willing to be faithful in the small things.” ~Lysa TerKeurst





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To the woman who doesn’t want to be perfect

Girl, I am with you.

Is it not tiring?  Perfection, that is.  I believe in the past few years, with the emergence of sites like Pinterest and its “look what I did/can do” condescending tone, we women have begun to feel more and more…inadequate.

Oh yes, we’ve tried the recipe…and the cute little craft…and the amazing restored furniture – all ginormous fails.  It’s enough to drive a woman to her crying room (a little like a “war room,” but it’s filled with your kids’ leftover Halloween candy and the tears of past failures.)

(Don’t you worry, I’ll still be pinning things I could never make later today.)

And what is with the altered selfies?  Can we not just be REAL anymore?  I don’t want people to see a filtered Instagram picture of me and then see me in REAL life and wonder who the heck I am!  Why can’t we be happy just being who we are?

Perfection.  It doesn’t exist.  But more importantly, why do we think it should?

I’m going to say it… I am in no way compelled to be perfect – with anything.  And yes, there is a great reason why.

No one would be able to relate to me.  I would have no friends.  (If I did, I would probably wonder why their eyes rolled out of their heads every time I was around.)  I would not be able to go to Friday breakfasts with the other women my age and say “Girl, just wait ’til you hear this!”  No one would feel comfortable telling me the things they found growing in their children’s backpack or about the dirty clothes they found hidden in the most unusual places.

We need to stop not only trying to BE perfect, but we also need to stop trying to come across as having it all together, because we don’t.  We are all human – and humans screw up – all the time.  Women, we need to start embracing our imperfections and laugh (loudly) about them!  Share your story with a friend – be honest.  Transparent.  That’s what we all want and NEED to hear!

Want a new friend?  Tell another woman that you can’t cook to save your family’s life or that you need to buy a new house for your every-growing laundry pile – or that you’re just exhausted and need to hear that someone else is, too.  Tell her that your marriage is just hard this week or that your kids are being…well, kids.  We want to hear that someone else is THERE!  RIGHT THERE!  “I’m with ya!”  And, if you’re not there now, you sure have been!


When we are really honest and we let our guards down and remember all the times we just haven’t gotten it right – that’s when life gets real.  And humorous.  And we realize we aren’t alone.  And it is….relieving.

Women – you are not alone!  Ever!  Someone else is feeling that exact thing you’re feeling.  Surround yourself with other women who are tired of trying to be perfect – who are living this very real, human life – and who want to share with you how funny it can be.

Rox 😉

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