Alright, so we know that Valentine’s Day is coming up, right? That’s more of a statement for the women and a question for the men. 😉 As women, we are reminded of it daily by the seasonal aisle at the grocery store and the many, many, many flower, chocolate, and jewelry commercials on tv. Men seem to have selective vision when it comes to stuff like that.

When it comes to flowers, I don’t particularly want them. If someone is sending me some to brighten my day or ‘just because’, great! But, I don’t really want them as a gift. My logic is simple; flowers die and I feel like money is being thrown down the toilet. They die especially quick in my house. I’m not sure why, but I have never been able to keep a plant alive for long – I don’t know how I’ve kept my family alive and healthy as long as I have! I like chocolate fine, but not only does it add to the size of my love handles, but I really can’t stand those boxes with the mixed candy where you’re left guessing what you’re about to eat. And JEWELRY? Come on!

No, really – Come on! – I’ll take jewelry! hehehehe

Okay – Seriously, though…if you are one of those women who HONESTLY couldn’t care less if they received ANYTHING from their significant other, you can stop reading this now. However, if you are like me – a woman who would like to think I couldn’t care less, but actually really do – read on.

I would love to give the men a list of things we ACTUALLY want. (I would even like to return the favor and ask them, but I’m a little scared of the answers I would receive.) I told my husband last year (and probably the year before that, too) that if he is ever in doubt about what to give me for Mother’s Day, birthday, etc., a spa or massage certificate is a fabulous idea! For me, you can’t go wrong there.

Everyone is different, though, and you might feel completely opposite! What is YOUR ideal gift if you were to receive one? Has your husband/boyfriend/whatever given you something fabulous in the past that you would like to tell us about?

And, what about those things you absolutely DON’T want? Please share!

After you’re all done sharing your ideas with us, I’ll compile a little something for those boys. 🙂


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