This evening I sit in my living room watching The Weather Channel and I realize that it’s Friday night and I’m siting in my living room watching The Weather Channel.  I’m not upset about my choice of activity, but it certainly gets me thinking.

(In my defense, Hurricane Harvey has just become a category 4 storm and it’s Texas Coast landfall is “imminent,” and I do the same thing in the peak of tornado season.)

Growing up, I remember LOVING the weekends.  When I was in my tweens and early teens, it was a time for pizza parties and sleepovers – as I got older, weekends were for “dragging Main” and secret parties in the country.  And because I am from a small Texas town, football took up a lot of our Friday nights – and I loved every minute of it.

As I got older and moved away to “college” (if you’ve read some of my past blogs, you know why I use those quotation marks), Friday nights were date nights.  For years, Fridays were full of excitement and fun!

Now I’m a little older…  and our Fridays look a little different.

Oh, don’t get me wrong!  Fridays are still totally exciting!  I look forward to Friday ALL. WEEK. LONG.

Here’s an example of a fun-filled Friday evening at the Felts household… I order pizza because, well, pizza.  After we eat, the girls start Descendents 2 for 768th time, the hubby and I settle in on the couch to watch the latest riveting episode of Dateline (in which the spouse most likely did it), and I try my hardest to keep my eyes open to make sure justice was served.  Instead, I wake up and realize Jimmy Fallon is already mid-monologue, hubby is asleep next to me, and our youngest has joined us as she has had an exhausting week of schooling.

Exciting right?

Maybe it’s not the excitement I remember from my youth, but it really is life at its best.  Our week Monday through Friday is full of craziness.  We have work, school, sports, dance, after-school events, appointments, to-do lists, etc.  The days are so chaotic that family time is hard to come by.  Asking about everyone’s day becomes habit – even though we really DO want to know – and the answers seem to always be the same.  But when Friday hits, a sense of relief flows over us and the questions don’t even have to be asked… we watch our kids live without school night deadlines and we just enjoy each other – even if we are enjoying it with our eyes closed.

True, Friday nights aren’t what they used to be – and I am so very thankful for that.

(Disclaimer: I still live in a small Texas town, so Friday nights do sometimes still consist of Football.)



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