We run into it all the time – that moment when your friend/co-worker/family member says to you “What do you think about “so and so”?” or “Guess what I heard about _______!” or “Did you hear…?” What do YOU do in those moments? Unfortunately, most of us will start spilling whatever we know or listening intently to what THEY know. Our ears grow bigger to hear things that may or may not be true and our mouths spew things that shouldn’t be said.

As I’ve gotten older, wiser, and closer to the Lord, I have learned that TRUTH prevails and that the person who stands up for those who aren’t there to stand up for themselves is to be honored and respected. Don’t be the person who joins in the conversation or repeats something that was heard if YOU DO NOT KNOW THE TRUTH. You could be slandering someone without cause – you could be harming a person that did not deserve it.

Instead, be the person who stands up for someone! If you can’t do that, be the one who quietly changes the subject – you could be saving someone from further heartbreak. Remember this… “The words of the tongue should have three gatekeepers: Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary?”



There are many deceivers out there. There are many out there who are out to destroy the lives and reputations of people who have things that they do not – people who they feel have “done them wrong” in some instance. Be careful. Do not buy into their lies and deceit – it may very well end up hurting YOU in the end.

Put your trust in God – He knows the truth and He knows a person’s heart. Let Him deal with untruths and injustice. And, be kind (whether you want to or not) – that is something that you will never regret.



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