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True Love

Our 3 year old daughter says “I love you” very often. She says it so much that I had to ask her one day if she knew what it meant. Not that I want her to stop saying it! I was just curious. Her answer was something a little off-the-wall and I must have looked at her strange because she asked me what it meant when I said I love her…

My answer went something like this… “My love for you is different than your love for me. I love you no matter what – because you’re my baby. It doesn’t matter what you do or how far away you go from me – I will ALWAYS love you and you can always return to me and I will love you the same.”

As I was saying this words, a smile came across my face, because I realized I was explaining God’s love for us! If you’re a parent, you know what that feeling is like. Isn’t that an amazing love? Isn’t it amazing that He loves US like that?

Just like our parents with us – and us with our children – We will have our times of disappointment and frustration with them. But, did our parents STOP loving us during those times? Do we NOT love our children when they don’t listen or do what they should? NO!

Who is encouraged by this? I AM! I hope there are some people who need to read this who get the chance to see it!


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Spoiled Brat

Hmmmm – Am I? A spoiled brat? Reading my last blog post, you might think I am. Let’s take a look, shall we?

All I really wanted to do was share some ideas for the men in our lives. In my past experiences and in conversations I’ve had with friends, guys actually DO want a clue! Let’s face it, we’ve all done that thing where we say “I don’t want anything, babe – as long as I have you, I’m happy.” Then, he comes home with nothing (because he believed you when you said ‘nothing’) while you’ve been subject to your friends posting pictures on facebook of the “stuff” their husbands and boyfriends got them.

In a way, it feels like rejection. They really probably don’t mean it that way – they are very literal beings, for the most part – but, it still feels that way to us women. If you haven’t noticed yet, we have a complex set of emotions. This picture is a good visual.


Make sense now?

In all honesty, I actually wouldn’t mind chocolates or flowers from my hubby. As long as he remembers that it’s a special day – and also remembers the four little girls who adore him so much – I’m great! And, you know what?, he’s usually awesome about that. Last year, he got each of our daughters a little heart-shaped box of chocolate and a stuffed animal and they were over-the-top excited and still remember it to this day. It makes me smile just thinking about it.

Like I said, I was just trying to help out and thought my friends would like to put in their two cents, as well.

So, while I have your attention, one of my husband’s cousins posted something on Facebook a while back and I would love to share it with you.

Here was Allison’s post last month:

“Gary’s anniversary gift to me…We got married on a Tuesday and on our 5th anniversary today is a Tuesday, so for the next 5 years every Tuesday I get to pull out something he loves about me! My man is amazing!”

Here’s the picture showing what he gave her…


Is that not the sweetest, coolest, most thoughtful idea ever? I love it!!! That would get my husband some “Tuesdays full-of-love” (and possibly even Wednesdays) for a long time, if you know what I mean. 😉

So, I hope you didn’t take my last post to mean that we all want jewelry or will be upset if we get the “wrong” thing. That’s not what I intended. Those of you who know me, know that.

Happy day to you!





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Give ’em a clue, women!


Alright, so we know that Valentine’s Day is coming up, right? That’s more of a statement for the women and a question for the men. 😉 As women, we are reminded of it daily by the seasonal aisle at the grocery store and the many, many, many flower, chocolate, and jewelry commercials on tv. Men seem to have selective vision when it comes to stuff like that.

When it comes to flowers, I don’t particularly want them. If someone is sending me some to brighten my day or ‘just because’, great! But, I don’t really want them as a gift. My logic is simple; flowers die and I feel like money is being thrown down the toilet. They die especially quick in my house. I’m not sure why, but I have never been able to keep a plant alive for long – I don’t know how I’ve kept my family alive and healthy as long as I have! I like chocolate fine, but not only does it add to the size of my love handles, but I really can’t stand those boxes with the mixed candy where you’re left guessing what you’re about to eat. And JEWELRY? Come on!

No, really – Come on! – I’ll take jewelry! hehehehe

Okay – Seriously, though…if you are one of those women who HONESTLY couldn’t care less if they received ANYTHING from their significant other, you can stop reading this now. However, if you are like me – a woman who would like to think I couldn’t care less, but actually really do – read on.

I would love to give the men a list of things we ACTUALLY want. (I would even like to return the favor and ask them, but I’m a little scared of the answers I would receive.) I told my husband last year (and probably the year before that, too) that if he is ever in doubt about what to give me for Mother’s Day, birthday, etc., a spa or massage certificate is a fabulous idea! For me, you can’t go wrong there.

Everyone is different, though, and you might feel completely opposite! What is YOUR ideal gift if you were to receive one? Has your husband/boyfriend/whatever given you something fabulous in the past that you would like to tell us about?

And, what about those things you absolutely DON’T want? Please share!

After you’re all done sharing your ideas with us, I’ll compile a little something for those boys. 🙂


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