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Have YOU answered this question?

God did not make me funny – or quick-witted.    I’m one of those people who thinks of what they SHOULD have said hours after the conversation took place.  I am not organized nor am I especially disciplined when it comes to time management (I will use the ‘I’m creative’ excuse on this one.)  I am not an “academic,” but I will sure study what I’m interested in so that I can grow!  I do not have all the scriptures memorized, but I love the Lord and know that I would not be where I am without his guidance.  I am definitely not a lot of things, and that’s okay with me.

I have been thinking about this very thing a lot lately – about the different gifts that people posses and what their purposes are in this time on earth.  Isn’t it funny that, when we are thinking about something and digging into the Word, God takes his “divine highlighter” (to use a term from Pricilla Shirer) to it and it pops off the page and into your face?

This morning, as I was doing my study, this quote from Beth Moore stood out to me…

“She knew who she was.  She knew who she wasn’t.”

I am extremely close to turning the big 4-0, and it has been just recently that I have started owning who I am.  Not only that, but I have realized that I am not going to have all the cool gifts my friends have.  What is even cooler, is that I don’t want to have them!

If I had to be all those things, I would be exhausted.  Heck, I’m exhausted already!

It was in my written-out prayers that I really started asking for direction…for why I am here…for me to be used and for me to realize what my gifts are and what my purpose truly is.

I cannot tell you how hard it was for me to say publicly for the first time, “I am a writer.”

I could never “own” that title before.  Was it because not enough people read my blog?  Was it because I wasn’t a ‘published’ author?  Was it because I felt irrelevant and inadequate?


But it was also because I believed all the doubts and insecurities that were plaguing me.  I invested too much time into worrying what others would think of me when I would answer the “So, what do you do?” question with “I’m a writer.”


What happened after I said it out loud?  I believed it.  And other people believed it.  A speaker from the leadership training I am currently in told me “I love it that own your writing!  That is the first step to being a recognized writer.”

So, my questions to YOU are, who are you trying to be that you’re not?  What are your gifts (and yes, you DO have gifts)?  Have you prayed for direction?

And most importantly – What is it that you are believing about yourself that is keeping you from BEING WHO YOU ARE MEANT TO BE?

Own who you are!

Blessings, Y’all!  😉



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The three most powerful words you will hear today

Sometimes a quote or a phrase or something that someone says is so powerful that we find ourselves repeating it to others or reminding ourselves of it often.  One of those simple phrases got my attention recently and it has permeated into my life in some of the coolest ways.

I had heard the words before, but it was at a recent leadership retreat that they took on a different life…


We live in such a “what’s good for me” culture these days that we sometimes forget that we are here to serve others.  Even if we feel like we may not be overly self-involved, we hear a phrase like this and go “hmmm, am I doing enough for others?”

A few Sundays ago we were sitting in church and as I was listening to the sermon, I wrote the words again on the top of one of the pages in my bible – I just thought it went with what the message was that day…


And then a really cool thing happened… the words jumped off the page and into the heart of our family – and I didn’t even realize it until a couple weeks later.  My husband and I were having a conversation and he said “It’s like those words you wrote in your bible that day, ‘Get Over Yourself’ – It stuck with me and I have thought about it a lot lately.”

Those three simple words got us thinking about what we have been given – so that we can give to others.  And let me say this loud and clear – this is not just about money or possessions…

It got us thinking about the struggles we had gone through and how we could help others who might be going through the same thing.  There may be someone out there right now who just needs to know that you are on the other side of that particular hardship now – they may need to know that there is a bigger blessing after the storm and they need guidance in getting through it!  How much extra TIME do you devote to just listening to someone who may need to just talk it out?  What kind of overflow do you have in your life that you can pass on to others?

“And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.”  Hebrews 13:16

We are living a very empty life if we think we are supposed to do only for ourselves and that’s all.  When we come to the end of our lives here on earth, don’t we want to know that we have impacted someone else’s life for the better?  Getting over ourselves – so that we can serve others better – this is the goal we should all strive for.

My husband even used these words with one of our daughters when she started showing her selfish side (as children often do) and it made me realize just how powerful that simple phrase is and how it can impact someone on a different level.

This life is not about “us.”  We need to take the short time we have on earth to show others what true love is – what serving others can do, not just for other’s SOULS, but also for our own.  Because when we are a blessing to others, it blesses us in return!

“Give, and it will be given to you.  A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap.  For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”  Luke 6:38

We are all blessed with different gifts so we that we can bless others in our own ways.  Where is the overflow in your life?  How can it be used to help others?



P.S. – Thank you to our leadership speaker, Matt Rush, who slapped me in the face with that statement… it has definitely stuck!

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Who are you listening to?

A friend of mine said to me the other day, “I’m ready for your book to come out so I can read something I’m interested in and not something I HAVE to read.”  She, like me, is going back to school and reading for enjoyment has been tossed aside in order to do the many homework assignments due on a weekly basis – along with working and keeping up with our families.

My response to my sweet friend who believes in my abilities as a writer was “Stay on me to get it done because the devil tries to convince me I have nothing to offer.”

I love to write.  And, while my writing isn’t for everyone, I know it strikes a cord with some – I know, because I receive comments and messages from those who read my blog posts – It means something to them.  Every time I read one of those comments I am reminded that God gave me a gift that I need to use for the betterment of others – in SOME way.

So why do I let the enemy have a foothold?  Because sometimes I DO wonder why people listen to me…it’s one reason I went back to school – to gain confidence – by gaining knowledge.

We have all done it at some time – believed the enemy – or enemies – who tell us that we don’t have it in us to do what we love.  We believe the voices that tell us we aren’t worthy.  There is a reason that the devil uses people in your life to discredit you – especially when you are going to give God the glory for your success.


We need to start BELIEVING.  If God has led you to something, He will equip you – but, we have to also put in the work.  If there are people in your life who are “downers,” you know, people who “poo-poo” on your dreams, pray that their comments do not hinder your progress.  Surround yourself with people who will push you to greatness.  Surround yourself with the positive!

Who will you listen to today?


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