Crazy… but, the more I stumble, the more I learn, and the more HUMAN I become. I learn that I’m normal and that I’m not the only one who struggles. I learn to be more sympathetic and understanding. I’ve learned a lot in my life… and I will continue, because I’m human – and being human means I’ll fall.

Of course, the most important thing to do after a fall, is to get your butt back up and try again! My feelings 4 weeks ago, before I started the Ultimate Reset, were a mix of excitement and annoyance. I was so excited to start this program and to see the changes that would come because of it, and was annoyed with myself for getting so out of control! I had fallen HARD and I needed a BIG-TIME pick-me-up. A week into it and I was still excited, but wondering if I could really make it two more weeks. A week and a half into it and I was anxious – anxious because I knew it would be hard to stick with it while I was away from home. I did the best I could while I was away, but I honestly fell off the plan a little. I was upset with myself when I got home and I actually thought to myself “Did I just blow it? Should I stop now because I slipped up?” However, if you know me, I got right back on track on Monday and it has been so worth it! Accomplishment is a great thing…

Now that I’m done with the reset, I’m feeling a lot of different things. I’m happy…that I finished – even though there were a few days that I didn’t stick exactly to the plan (but tried my hardest to). I’m excited… that I am finished and had the results I had. I’m anxious.. because there ARE things that I missed and I look forward to having. I’m scared…that I won’t be able to integrate and that I will fall again. HOWEVER – FEAR will get me nowhere good… and I will not allow FEAR to have control over the AWESOMENESS that my future holds for me!

The secret will be to keep myself in line and remember what truly matters to me and to my family. That being HEALTHY is more important than being skinny. That FEELING good is more important than looking good. That my INSIDES matter and affect my OUTSIDES much more than I have ever realized before. That I don’t have to count every calorie – I just need to eat right, stay active, and quit putting TRASH in my body!

As hard as it is to stumble, I know that obstacles are put in our way to test us – and I am thankful for all the times I’ve fallen and I’ve learned. We ALL need to remember that it’s not over when we slip or when we fall even when it seems impossible to get back up. We’re human and we’re being tested! Don’t fail the same test over and over and over again! Fight for the feeling of accomplishment! It’s so worth it!


Okay – you asked for it – here is my 19-day progress pics – this is from doing the Ultimate Reset and NOT working out! I lost a total of 10 lbs. and over 10 inches…down two sizes!!! But, more importantly (for real) is the way I FEEL – which, is AMAZING. (see website below for more info or message me). 🙂


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