I had a very weird day… a very weird day, indeed. When I finally was able to fall asleep – into what I am assuming was some of my best sleep EVER – I found myself in a dream that I can only explain…was a message from above.

It’s so hard to remember dreams sometimes, ya know? You wake up in the morning and, as hard as you try to recall it, it just won’t come back to you. This was different. I was being given a number – over and over and over again! It was said to me – it was read to me – it was SUNG to me! And, it was at this point that I was awoken – and sometimes that is the only way we can remember what we dream – by being jerked out of it at it’s escalation. My daughter came in our room crying because she didn’t feel well…and as I got up to see what I could do for her, the number was branded in my vision. This was one of those things that I just KNEW I had to investigate further.

A number… a number I knew I needed to find – and I knew exactly where to look for it. 5:21 – 5:21 – 5:21!!! A verse in the Bible – but, which book in the Bible? Where IS my Bible? Oh wait, I know where it is, but I don’t want to wake my husband up to get it. I chose to get on my computer and just type it in to see what came up. Ah, yes… there it is. There was no doubt (in my mind) which one was for me.


You see, I hadn’t gone to bed reading the Book, but I had gone to sleep PRAYING. I was praying for an answer – an answer to a question that was heavy on my heart – a question about someone’s motives. I needed my mind and heart to be at peace with a situation that had really changed our lives in an instant – for the better, was what I was thinking – but, there were several people who weren’t thinking that way at all. I went through a whole range of emotions throughout the day – and it drained me of my energy. I needed peace.

So, God showed up in my sleep and gave me peace – well, after He freaked me out and jerked me out of my sleep, that is. Proverbs 5:21 says…

“For your ways are in full view of the LORD, and he examines all your paths.”

Now, I understand that there is scripture that can be interpreted in different ways… However, I take this to mean that God knew what was going to happen (as always) and knows the hearts of those who are involved; that this change that is about to take place in our lives is for the betterment of those involved. And, if that is NOT the case, He will take care of it.


There is no doubt that it was a message. An ANSWER that I desperately needed to calm my crazy mix of thoughts and emotions. I must remember that I can always ask for help – that there is Someone who is listening and wants to give me answers – to give US answers. We just have to listen.





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